Project Management

ProjectManagementFor my clients in the cultural sector, I have managed numerous types of projects:

Publications: I am skilled in synchronizing collaborators, working with writers, curators, artists, galleries, and other contributors, setting and enforcing budgets and timelines, writing, proofreading and editing texts, indexes, captions, and lists, securing and tracking photography and reproduction rights, and working with the Library of Congress and ISBN system. For publications, I can function as the graphic designer or work with a third-party designer.

Exhibitions:  I have been an integral team-member in the field of exhibition design, creating and managing the production of labels, brochures, signage, books, audio tours, interactive elements, and public programs for small and large-scale exhibitions.

Custom projects:  By example, I consulted with a Boston art gallery to plan a two-week pottery-themed, luxury trip to Japan, working together with travel agents, artists, clients, and liaisons in Japan to organize a budget and itinerary, develop paperwork, design a trip logo and travel handbook, create merchandise, and keep travelers excited and up-to-date on trip developments by writing weekly tidbits about Japan as the trip approached.